Date: 12th May 2004

End of The World Week

As The Day After Tomorrow hits cinematic screens on the 28th May, those unable to wait for disaster to strike can tune into Sky’s End of The World Week (17th May 23rd May,)which includes a special first look at the film in The Day After Tomorrow Exclusive.

From Mon 17th May, viewers can brace themselves for the coming storm as Sky hosts the ultimate apocalyptic line-up to entertain even the most pessimistic doom monger.

Sky One’s The Day After Tomorrow Exclusive, Friday 21st May at 7.00pm goes behind-the-scenes and looks at the making of the film. The programme includes an exclusive ten-minute preview of the movie cut by director Roland Emmerich and contains footage never before seen in the UK. Cast members Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal join Roland Emmerich to talk about the mammoth task of putting the film together. The show also takes a look behind some of the gigantic set pieces in the movie, including the much talked about New York tidal wave and illustrates how the destruction of Los Angeles was achieved by gigantic tornados.

Over on Sky Movies viewers are given the chance to view a bleaker picture of the planet’s future with a series of films themed around the breakdown of civilisation. Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey deal with a world overrun with fire-breathing Dragons in Reign of Fire. Whilst it's a virus that wipes out most of the population in Resident Evil as Milla Jovovich battles zombies and genetic freaks in this sci-fi horror flick. And for those who believe the Earth’s ultimate fate is to end up as a desert wasteland, what better way to prepare yourself than an evening spent with the ultimate road warrior, Mel Gibson in Mad Max.

Continuing the disaster theme, Sky Box Office will also be showing The Core. Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank team up as they attempt to save the earth from imminent destruction by travelling to the one place never ventured before, the centre of the planet.
On Sky Travel a series of programmes devoted to all manner of earthquakes, tidal waves, tornados and other bouts of extreme weather will get viewers batting down the hatches. The line up includes World’s Deadliest Earthquakes, Eye Of The Storm, World’s Deadliest Volcanoes and The Day The Earth Trembled amongst many other documentaries that showcase nature at its most fierce.

Also on Sky One, A double bill of The Simpsons and an episode of Futurama bring a touch of levity to the situation. In The Simpsons, Springfield is horrified to discover a comet named Bart is on a collision course with the town whilst the other episode has Ned Flanders picking up the remnants of his life when a Tornado destroys his home. For the occupants of Futurama it’s a man made disaster that threatens them as they discover a colossal bunch of stinking garbage is set to destroy New York City.

And if you’ve reconciled with the fact that it’s all going to end and there’s nothing we can do about it then tune into The Amp which will be playing a selection of Videos to Watch Before the end.

End Of The World Week Watch before there’s nothing left to watch it on.

Sky One - Friday 21st May
The Day After Tomorrow Exclusive 7pm
Futurama (A Piece of Garbage)7.30pm
The Simpsons (Bart’s Comet)8pm
The Simpsons (Hurricane Neddy)8.30pm

Sky Movies 2- Sunday 23rd May
Reign of Fire 8pm
Resident Evil 9.45pm
Mad Max 11.30pm

Sky Box Office
From Wednesday 19th May - The Core

Sky Travel / Sky Travel Extra
Monday 17th May
World’s Deadliest Earthquakes 7pm
World’s Deadliest Volcanoes (Extra) 10pm

Tuesday 18th May
Eye of the Storm 7pm
The Day the Earth Trembled (Extra) 10pm

Wednesday 19th May
Top 10 Natural Disasters 7pm
Eye of the Storm (Extra) 10pm

Thursday 20th May
Top Ten Eye of the Storm 7pm
Top 10 Natural Disasters (Extra) 10pm

Friday 21st May
World’s Deadliest Volcanoes 7pm
Eye of the Storm (Extra) 10pm

Saturday 22nd May
World of Mysteries:The Lost City of Atlantis
The Eye of the Storm
World of Mysteries: Bermuda Triangle Lost at Sea
Top 10 Natural Disasters
World’s Deadliest Earthquakes
The Day The Earth Trembled
The Angry Earth 10.30am 8pm
Eye of the Storm (Extra) 10.30pm

Sunday 23rd May
The Angry Earth (Extra) 10pm

The Amp
Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd May 20 Videos to Watch Before The End 3pm/5pm/9pm

The Day After Tomorrow Exclusive will also be repeated on

Saturday 22nd May
The Amp 11.30am, 2pm, 7pm
Sky Travel 3pm
Sky Travel Extra 10pm
Sky One Mix 11pm

Sunday 23rd May
Sky Travel 7pm
Sky Movies 2 7.30pm
The Amp 11.30am, 2pm, 8.30

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