Date: 29th September 2000

Home Viewers To Co-Host Live With Regis

Five "real person" viewers of Live with Regis have been selected to co-host the show with him next week.

They were selected from more than 10,000 videotapes that were sent to the show's producers, who posted the finalists on the show's Web site. Some 300,000 viewers selected the winners, according to Live's producers. Josephine Pisano, a 69-year-old Long Island winner, told today's (Friday) New York Daily News, "I didn't think I'd get looked at. I thought they'd be looking for young girls."

Stacie Valent, an Iowa actress-turned-fitness trainer, described herself as "your ordinary, struggling, run-of-the-mill Midwest mom trying to make it, too."

Source: Studio Briefing