Date: 23rd March 2004

Documentary Filmmakers Training available now in London and Poland!!

The Documentary Filmmakers Group is unique. It is the only year-round
interface between broadcasters, production companies, distributors and the
documentary filmmaking community in the UK. In particular, it appeals to new
filmmakers in need of skills and contacts. DFG has its finger on the pulse
of the ever-expanding world of documentaries. We offer comprehensive
training and advice. We also organise regular events, including screenings
and debates.

DFG SHORT COURSES - These fun and insightful training sessions cover the key
skills required in all areas of documentary production, and allow students
to explore the commercial and creative parameters of the form. They are run
by award-winning filmmakers and experienced tutors. They give instruction
and advice about career development so that students may progress creatively
and financially. Each season of courses includes practical workshops in the
use of camera and sound equipment. This series is an affordable, convenient
and professional season of courses. The sessions take place over the weekend
and you can pick and mix which ones you want to participate in.

Prices start from 90 + VAT.


Total Immersion Documentary Filmmaking Workshops. Taking place in Poland
this summer a new exciting initiative: Immersion Workshops. The rationale
behind these courses is to provide students a unique opportunity to totally
immerse themselves in the art of documentary filmmaking, by placing them
outside their home context into a dedicated training environment. These
courses are run at the FilmFarm, an independent Film School in Western
Poland. There is an emphasis on independent production, hands-on training,
and respect for the creative process. These courses are exceptionally
intensive, intensely practical and most of all, a lot of fun!

Introductory Course in Documentary Filmmaking 2-15 May, 2004. Cost =950+VAT
(Maximum number of participants: 12)

Price includes: Accommodation and board, use of equipment, tuition and
transfer from local train station to FilmFarm.

For further details of all DFG training visit:

Email: or ring 0207 428 0882.

Source: Press Release