Date: 15th March 2004

Lucy Davis turns down role as Cameron Diaz's ugly sister

Lucy Davis, who plays Dawn in The Office, has refused to star alongside Cameron Diaz in a film because she'd have to play her 'fat and ugly' sister.

Film offers are said to have been flooding in for Davis since she starred as David Brent's downtrodden secretary.

But The Sun says not all offers have been welcome.

Lucy said: "My manager rang to tell me I had been offered the lead alongside Diaz. My character was going to be Cameron's on-screen sister.

I was really smug about it for a while and thought 'Cameron Diaz's sister... I can do that'. But then I got the script, which read 'Now we meet Cameron Diaz's fat, ugly sister'."

She's not too upset about refusing the role as she makes her big-screen debut next month in zombie film Shaun Of The Dead.

Source: Press Release