Date: 12th March 2004

The Imagine Cup

For those who take a purer pleasure in discovery, art, and innovation, Imagine Cup 2004 is the technology competition for you. Participate because you love to compete, because you have the perfect group or idea, or because you would be doing this anyway—even without this contest.

Fifty teams across four invitationals will represent their country in Brazil, but thousands more will surprise themselves (and us) with what they accomplish.

The Imagine Cup is a worldwide tournament challenging the globe's best
and brightest students to use technology to enhance people's lives.
Student teams, representing over 70 countries will compete regionally
and on-line for six months, with finalists in four categories being
flown Sao Paulo, Brazil, for a gala awards ceremony. Winning teams in
the four events will receive over $85,000 in prizes.

The Short Film invitational, one of the four events, challenges students
to make us laugh, cry, or dream in 8 minutes. We are calling on
students to share their perspectives on the "culture of innovation".
Submissions will be accepted from March 15 to May 1, 2004. All short
film submissions will be reviewed by judges from the film industry and
the top 30 will be voted online by your peers. The finalists will be
flown to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the finals. For more information, please

Start date of March 15th

Source: Press Release