Date: 9th March 2004

Dunst disses Paltrow's portrayal of Sylvia

Kirsten Dunst says she would have done a better job of playing Sylvia Plath than Gwyneth Paltrow.

Teen Hollywood reports the Spider-Man star told fashion mag Nylon she wanted to play the suicidal poet in the film about her life.

She says Oscar-winning Paltrow is an amazing actress, but she failed to capture the essence of Plath.

Dunst said: "I think that Sylvia was a girl who wanted to hurt. She wanted to feel terrible.

I felt like, in the movie, it was more like, 'I'm the victim!' It should have been more that she liked to create all this s**t in her head. She was crazier."

Dunst says she'd now like to take on the role of actress and activist Jean Seberg, who died from a drug overdose in Paris in 1979.

Source: Press Release