Date: 29th September 2000

Ewen Spotting

Scottish actor EWEN BREMNER may have starred in one of Britain's most successful films - but it failed to impress his new boss.

The blond star, who played SPUD in TRAINSPOTTING, didn't win any favours with cult Hollywood director HARMONY KORINE who claimed he "f****** hated" the 1996 blockbuster that centred around heroin addicts.

Bremner stars in Korine's new release, JULIEN DONKEY-BOY, as a schizophrenic school caretaker who gets his sister pregnant. He says, "I don't think Harmony liked Trainspotting. He said to me 'that f****** film - I hated that film'. I think it more was my part in NAKED that attracted his attention."

Bremner, who's also due to appear in the much-anticipated PEARL HARBOUR, is full of praise for the young director, known as the 'enfant terrible' of the film world. He adds, "He's very bright and quite an intellectual. When he works, he works, but on instinct rather than intellect. I don't think he will be fully recognised in his own time though." He adds, "I even named my daughter after him".


Source: WENN