Date: 20th January 2004

Clooney flies in for film thriller

George Clooney has flown in to Scotland to begin filming his psychological thriller The Jacket.

He looked tanned and relaxed as he emerged from his five-star hotel in Glasgow, accompanied by minders.

Clooney chatted to photographers and told fans he would not be sampling Glasgow's night life because filming is to resume early Tuesday morning in West Lothian.

The shoot began today at a disused psychiatric hospital in Broxburn, which will double as a Vermont asylum.

Clooney is co-producing the 20 million movie with friend Steven Soderbergh but will not appear in it himself.

The cast is led by Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley and The Pianist's Adrien Brody. He plays a Gulf War veteran who tries to avoid death by using his clairvoyant powers while locked up in prison.

West Lothian Council is delighted with Clooney's high profile visit and says it hopes the film will attract more location-hunting movie moguls to the region.

Source: Press Release



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