Date: 28th September 2000

Two Scripts By Orson Welles May Be Filmed

RKO Pictures may film two unproduced screenplays written by the late Orson Welles following completion of its current remake of his The Magnificent Ambersons, now shooting in Ireland, according to syndicated columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith.

RKO Chairman/CEO Ted Hartley told the columnists that one script, Confusion, concerns a man who awakens from amnesia "to find that everyone around him knows him but himself.

Some love him, some hate him -- and he's in a race against time to find out why."
Hartley said that the other film, untitled, concerns a successful man who destroys himself while pursuing "the wrong woman."

In the same interview Hartley called the new Ambersons, RKO's "mea culpa" to Welles, who accused the studio of editing the film "with a lawn mower" behind his back.

Source: Studio Briefing



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