Date: 9th October 2003

Affleck in the clear

US authorities have dropped a warrant against Ben Affleck after revealing they found no evidence to support a woman's claim that the actor threatened to kill her.

New Hanover County District Attorney John Carriker said repeated attempts by police to contact accuser Tara Ray were unsuccessful and he dismissed the warrant.

Ray took out the warrant on Saturday, alleging Affleck threatened her on September 25.

A spokesman for Affleck said the 31-year-old actor had never met Ray and was at his Georgia home that day.

Carriker criticised a system in which Ray could obtain an arrest warrant without proof the alleged incident ever occurred or without input from police.

"This is a very good example of why people shouldn't be able to take out a warrant without any kind of police investigation," Carriker said.

He added that officials do not plan to file charges against Ray.

Source: Press Release