Date: 9th October 2003

Ray Winstone to play both Krays in new movie

Ray Winstone is set to play the parts of both Ronnie and Reggie Kray in a new movie about the twins.

It will be directed by Ray Burdis who produced the 1990 version starring Martin and Gary Kemp.

Winstone, who stars in the new ITV drama Henry the Eighth, said he was keen on taking on the challenge.

He told Radio One: "The script's really good, a really intelligent script.

And I was quite interested in playing them both because I always thought that the big thing about the story about them two is that they are identical twins.

"I wouldn't have fancied playing Ronnie and someone else playing Reggie, I want to play them both.

And we found out that they can do it that way and, please God, we'll be starting it in January," he said.

Source: Press Release