Date: 8th October 2003

Affleck says woman's threat claims 'are absurd'

Ben Affleck has denied meeting a woman who is accusing him of making threats against her.

Police in Kure Beach, North Carolina, have confirmed Tara Ray has taken out a warrant accusing the actor of "communicating threats".

"I honestly believed my life was in danger," said Ms Ray, who claims she has had a romantic relationship with Affleck since February 2002.

She added: "I'm not out for the publicity part. I just wanted it to be known in the public that he's very capable of doing this to me."

But a spokesman for 31-year-old Affleck, Ken Sunshine, said: "The allegation is absurd and defamatory to Mr Affleck. He has no idea who this woman is."

Ms Ray alleged in the warrant that Affleck followed her as she drove home from Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 25, and threatened to hurt her.

She said the incident occurred in the small town of Kure Beach, about 20 miles south of Wilmington.

But Mr Sunshine said there were "probably at least 50 paparazzi" who could attest that Affleck was in Savannah, Georgia, on the date in question. Affleck, who lives in Beverly Hills, California, has a 4.4 million ranch in Savannah.

Kure Beach police department said it "has not and is currently not investigating Mr Affleck for any crime". The department added: "This warrant was taken out by a private citizen."

Source: Press Release