Date: 7th October 2003

Emma Thompson joins cast of new Harry Potter film

Emma Thompson has reportedly joined the cast of the new Harry Potter movie.

She will make a guest appearance as the eccentric Professor Trelawny in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which is currently filming in London.

Her character teaches Harry and his friends the art of tea leaf-reading and palmistry.

According to Australian newspaper the Herald Sun, the film's themes will feel older and more sinister than the first two.

And the main stars, such as Daniel Radcliffe and Hermione Granger, will have a more contemporary look.

There will also be more exotic animals, including a half bird, half horse creature called a Hippogriff.

The movie is due for release in June, with pre-production on the fourth film beginning this week.

Other cast members include Gary Oldman, Julie Christie, Robert Hardy, Sir Michael Gambon, Timothy Spall, Dawn French and the Fast Show star Paul Whitehouse.

Source: Press Release