Date: 10th September 2003

John Thomson lands role in new Carrey film

Actor John Thomson has reportedly landed a part in the new Jim Carrey film, Lemony Snicket.

A former star of the hit ITV comedy drama Cold Feet, Thomson is said to be considering a number of roles in the US.

The Daily Express reports he's also contemplating a role in a TV drama series produced by Ally McBeal creator David E Kelly.

Thomson said: "Shooting the Kelly series would mean signing a seven-year, eight-months-a-year contract so I'll be away from my family for the best part of my life.

It will be hard but I'm an actor and of course I have to go where the work is."

But he says he has no plans to move his family to the US. "
I'm a Northern bloke - I couldn't bear my daughter growing up with a Californian accent."

Source: Press Release