Date: 13th August 2003

Fee 'record' for King Kong director

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is to pick up one of the biggest fees for a movie when he remakes King Kong.

He will land 12.5 million for the new version of the classic, although some will be shared with the writers, according to Variety magazine.

Only a handful of directors have achieved an eight-figure sum and it puts New Zealander Jackson in the same league as movie stars such as Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson.

The epic Lord of the Rings films - the third of which will be released at the end of this year - have become among the most successful movies of all time.

Other directors who have landed such large deals include M Night Shyamalan.

Most big money directors collect only a relatively small advance but take a large share of the box office receipts and spin-offs such as merchandise.

King Kong was also remade in 1976 starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange.

Source: Press Release