Date: 28th September 2000

Kennedy Wrath Ignored

The KENNEDY clan are furious over the latest Hollywood cash-in on their tragedies - but TV bosses don't care.

American TV studios FOX, CBS and NBC are planning made-for-TV movies about the early death of JOHN F KENNEDY JR, son of the late president - and have ignored pleas from sister CAROLINE to scrap the films, which will be painful for the Kennedy family.

A friend says, "She wrote to the studios and asked them to consider the family's pain." So far Caroline's request has been ignored - NBC airs its film later this month (SE00).

John F. Kennedy, Jr., the only son of the president to reach adulthood, touched a nation's heart when he saluted his father's
coffin. He grew up into a fine young man trying as best he could to keep a low public profile until he launched his political magazine GEORGE. One of the world's most eligible bachelors, he married CAROLYN BESSETTE on 21 September 1966 on Cumberland Island, Georgia. With her sister, LAUREN, she died with him when his plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Cod on 16 July 1999.


Source: WENN