Date: 7th August 2003

Pictures from new Harry Potter shoot released

Stills from the next Harry Potter film, showing Gary Oldman as the mysterious Sirius Black, have been released.

Bearded Black plays Harry's godfather in The Prisoner Of Azkaban - the latest adventures of J.K Rowling's boy wizard.

Oldman, 45, the prisoner of the title, escapes from Azkaban where he was being held for mass murder.

Also new to the Potter cast for the third Potter movie, is Sir Michael Gambon, 62, as lovable wizard Dumbledore.

He takes over from the original Hogwarts school headmaster Richard Harris, who died last year.

The movie is being directed by Mexican, Alfonso Cuaron, 41, who is also new to the Potter scene. He said: "I didn't know much about the Potter universe, but I got excited when I read the material."

The actors are still filming in Hertfordshire and Cuaron has eight months to get the special effects just right.

Source: Press Release



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