Date: 28th September 2000

Buffy Hits Out At Anorexia Rumours

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR is sick of being called anorexic - when she's just "small-boned".

The sexy actress is only one of a host of skinny Hollywood stars - the ALLY McBEAL cast and JENNIFER ANISTON among them - who have been criticised for being too thin. She says, "I've always been a skinny thing. Yes, I did at one point have some baby fat and I did lose that. But I'm a tiny boned person and I work like a dog on this show. "Maybe some actresses have anorexia, I certainly don't. All that rubbish CALISTA FLOCKHART has to put with breaks my heart for her. She is the nicest girl and such a talented actress. She's a skinny girl - it's just natural."


Source: WENN