Date: 28th August 2000

Jordan Bounces Back

LATEST: Gorgeous glamour model JORDAN has recovered following a drug overdose sparked by her rift with pop singer boyfriend DANE BOWERS.

Dane, who appears on POSH SPICE's new single with TRUESTEPPERS, OUT OF YOUR MIND, was by her side as the curvy brunette was treated in hospital, but disappeared when Jordan - real name KATY PRICE - dashed back to her family in Brighton.

Older brother DANIEL says, "Katy's fine, she just wants to be left alone."

But just hours after, Jordan sped off in her MERCEDES -reportedly back to London, where she shares a flat with Dane.

The relationship ran into trouble when Dane went on a doomed promotional whirl with VICTORIA BECKHAM to get their single to No 1 - but it peaked at No 2.


Source: WENN