Date: 3rd June 2003

Renée Zellweger reveals disastrous Oscar night

Renée Zellweger says she had a series of disasters on the night she lost out on an Oscar to Nicole Kidman.

The actress ripped her dress as she left the Los Angeles ceremony, so decided to skip the usual post-event parties.

But when she got home she found herself locked out having forgotten the key.

Luckily a neighbour managed to climb through an open window and let her in.

Once inside she gave her dog Dylan a bath and then stayed up, scrubbing the floors.

"When you're putting on your Oscar dress, you don't think about where the door keys are going to go," the Chicago star told Sky News.

"After all that happened to me, I didn't feel like putting another dress on and going "glamorama."

Source: Press Release