Date: 30th May 2003

Renee Zellweger signs up to Bridget Jones 2

Renée Zellweger has reportedly signed a £15 million deal to star in the sequel to Bridget Jones' Diary.

Co-stars Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are also returning for the movie, called The Edge Of Reason.

Renee will receive a share of the lucrative DVD and video profits along with the deal - which is six times what she earned for the original film

But the actress will once again have to gain weight for the role, although her character will dramatically lose weight as part of the story.

For the first film she went on a vigorous anti-fitness regime, cutting out all exercise and increasing her calorie intake by 1,500 a day, to put on over 20lbs.

In the new flick Bridget has moved in with barrister Mark Darcy, but discovers domestic bliss is not so blissful after all, reports Hello! magazine.

A tough new storyline sees the heroine dumping her beau, before a series of mishaps land her in a Thai prison.

Source: Press Release