Date: 9th May 2003

Four charged over Potter book

A worker at the firm printing the unreleased Harry Potter novel has been charged with stealing chapters of the book.

Three others have been charged with handling stolen goods after partial copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was allegedly found in a field in north Suffolk.

Donald Parfitt, 44, from Worlingham near Beccles, who works at Clays Ltd printing firm, was charged on Thursday night and will appear before magistrates in Lowestoft.

Garry Cox, 18, from Harleston in Norfolk, and two 16-year-old boys from Beccles were charged with handling stolen goods.

Two copies of the forthcoming novel by JK Rowling were allegedly found in a field earlier this week - a quarter of a mile from where they were being printed.

The copies were discovered by a walker in Bungay, Suffolk, who immediately contacted the Sun newspaper, which is now said to have them in its possession.

The fifth instalment of the wizard's adventures is not due to be published until 21 June.

Source: Press Release