Date: 8th May 2003

DiCaprio questioned over street brawl

Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly been questioned by lawyers over his alleged involvement in a fight.

The star was named in a 27.9 million legal case filed by actor and screenwriter Roger Wilson.

He claims DiCaprio ordered his friends to beat him up following an argument about his then girlfriend Elizabeth Berkley.

The case has been ongoing for five years but DiCaprio's lawyer Paul Callan believes the charges will be dismissed before reaching the Supreme Court on September 2.

The legal papers filed against DiCaprio and his friends accuse him of inciting "his posse" to attack Wilson outside a Manhattan restaurant.

Wilson, who was dating Showgirls actress Berkley at the time, alleges he suffered a broken larynx when he was punched in the throat - ending his singing career.

Wilson claims DiCaprio made advances towards Berkley. DiCaprio was questioned by Wilson's lawyer, Leslie Kelmachter, for several hours to take statements, reports BBC News.

She said she expected depositions to continue through the summer but DiCaprio's lawyer said "it's about time this is all coming to an end".

"Leonardo DiCaprio has repeatedly and forcefully denied any wrong doing in this case and looks forward to these false charges being dismissed by the court," Mr Callan said.

In 2000, the appeals court dismissed accusations of assault levelled at DiCaprio but allowed a charge of "aiding and abetting an assault and battery" to remain part of the case.

Source: Press Release