Date: 2nd May 2003

Crowes' Diary Found On Plane

One very lucky Qantas staff man ended up at a swank dinner in celebrity company.

Steve from Gisborne, who works for Qantas at Melbourne Airport, dined with newlyweds Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer in Melbourne on Saturday night.

Apparently, Steve had returned some personal items of Rusty's that he'd left on a plane and the grateful Gladiator star invited Steve and his wife out to say thanks.

Ever the gentleman, Steve wouldn't elaborate on his big night to The Eye, but confirmed the story after it popped up on 3AW's Rumour File yesterday.

"We did find an item that belonged to Mr Crowe," Steve told 3AW. "Some personal items. He left them on board an aircraft.

And as we would with all our Qantas customers, we returned the articles to him, which he was very grateful for."

Steve stayed mum on what the items were, but said they were along the lines of a personal diary, which we venture to guess Rusty wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands.

He was very appreciative that we had located the items for him, but as I say, that's something we do for all our customers here," Steve said.

Rumoured to be dining with them were Jeff and Felicity Kennett, Shane and Simone Warne and comedian Russell Gilbert.

Gilbert says Rusty and Dani joined him for a couple of beers after his Defending the Caveman show at the Forum Theatre on Saturday night, but that was that.

Gilbert is an old mate of the newlyweds.

He toured the US as the opening stand-up act for Crowe's band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts in 2001.

Spencer was also on the bill.

And it was Maximus himself that Gilbert turned to for advice on remembering his lines.

I did ask Russ for a few helpful hints," he said.

So on the night (he was in the audience) I was happy I didn't forget a thing.

"It was great catching up with both of them and they enjoyed the show."

We wonder where the happy honeymooners will pop up next?

Source: Herald Sun

Source: Press Release