Date: 1st May 2003

Nicole's Hidden Beauty

NICOLE Kidman is again disguising her looks in her role as a woman on the run in the new movie Dogville (2003).

She sports a mop of sun-bleached hair under a ragged scarf, tired bags under sunken eyes and second-hand clothes in the 1930s period film.

The star will be heading to the Cannes Film Festival on May 14 to promote the hotly-tipped movie by Danish director Lars Von Trier.

In the film, set in the 1930s, Kidman stars as Grace, who arrives in Dogville, an isolated American town in the Rocky Mountains, on the run from gangsters.

With encouragement from self-appointed town spokesman Tom Junior, played by A Beautiful Mind's Paul Bettany, the community agrees to hide her.

In return, Grace agrees to work for them.

But once the hunt for Grace intensifies, the residents demand a better deal for the risk of harbouring her.

Also featured in the cast are Chloe Sevigny and Hollywood veterans Lauren Bacall and James Caan.

Herald Sun

Source: Press Release