Date: 28th August 2000

R2D2 Actor Dumped

R2D2 actor KENNY BAKER will not get the chance to re-create his character for the forthcoming STAR WARS movies - because he's being replaced by a computer.

The British star has been told that the little tin robot he played for four smash movies will be computer generated in the sequel to THE PHANTOM MENACE, STAR WARS: EPISODE 2.

He says, "Of course I am disappointed. I missed the chance to go to Australia with the cast. I'm not in the movie to the extent I was expecting and no one has really explained to me why.

GEORGE LUCAS always told me that R2D2 really came alive when I was inside him.

"If they don't use human beings these movies are in danger of looking like DISNEY cartoons. The progress in digital and computer technology has been frightening. It was light years on from when I was in the first Star Wars movie."


Source: WENN