Date: 30th April 2003

Jumble Sale Film Scoops Art Prize

A black and white film of pensioners at a jumble sale wins one of Britain's most lucrative arts prizes.
Rosalind Nashashibi's triumph in the Beck's Futures award - which has been running for four years - came after controversy over another entrant.

Carey Young was accused of "unoriginality" by a Swedish artist over her "invisible" artwork, consisting of a legal document forbidding the sponsors of the show from disclosing what she had been commissioned to make.

Ms Nashashibi became the first woman to take the prize and a cheque for 24,000 with the rest of the 65,000 prize fund shared between the other eight nominees.

Her four 16mm films were billed as explorations of cultural displacement.

The artist said: "Jumble sales aren't part of the normal capitalist system, so it doesn't look quite like a Western Europe in the 21st Century.

And the music also makes the viewer unsure when or where this is."

Chairman of the judges Michael Landy said: "
Despite some highly interesting works on the shortlist, the judges were unanimous in their decision - Rosalind's work is simply exceptional."

Another of her films, Dahiet al Bareed, shows scenes of ordinary life in a suburb on the occupied West Bank which was designed by her grandfather in 1956.

Ms Nashashibi said: "
The films observe what I suppose people would call 'real life', but I think they're about vacation away from life, about inactivity or rest, whether it be chosen or forced.

"I go into public areas with my camera and really observe how people are moving in their spaces, how they are using their neighbourhood."

Asked what she would do with her winnings she said: "I would take a trip to Mexico and, to be completely honest and unexciting, I would probably put nearly all of it down as a deposit for a flat."

She collected her cheque from film-maker Wim Wenders at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Works by the shortlisted artists for Beck's Futures 2003 are being exhibited at the ICA until 18 May.


Source: Press Release