Date: 6th February 2003

Richardson says nose job has boosted career

Actress Natasha Richardson says work has rolled in for her after having a nose job.

The Parent Trap and Handmaid's Tale star inherited her father Tony's prominent nose and casting directors were put off because it did not photograph well.

She tells the March edition of Tatler magazine how her dad agreed she might need to take action.

Her mother Vanessa Redgrave had tried to reassure her that stars like Barbra Streisand did not need surgery to find fame.

Richardson, 39, had been urged to think about surgery to avoid being stuck as a character actress.

"I'd never considered changing my nose. It was just part of me and any issues I had about myself were to do with my weight.

So I asked my mum and she said 'don't be silly darling - look at Barbra Streisand.

"I thought 'Bloody hell. I'm not Barbra Streisand.' Then I asked my dad and he said 'oh I'm so pleased you mentioned it darling. I've been meaning to say something for some time."

After Richardson - who is married to Irish star Liam Neeson - went under the knife she landed roles in Patty Hearst, The Comfort Of Strangers and The Handmaid's Tale.

Source: Press Release



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