Date: 6th February 2003

Renée 'hand-picked' Ewan McGregor for new film

Renée Zellweger is reported to have hand-picked Ewan McGregor to star alongside her in their new romantic comedy.

According to her manager, she chose the Scottish actor for being "masculine, sexy and charismatic."

In Down With Love McGregor plays a playboy journalist who falls for a feminist agony aunt played by Zellweger.

The movie, which recreates the heyday of Rock Hudson and Doris Day, is released in the UK later this year.

Zellweger's manager told the London Evening Standard: "She wanted a real masculine man who was sexy and charismatic.

The film's producers went through lists of available actors and she turned them all down. Then someone said "What about Ewan?" and she said "Bingo!"

"Renee knows that he's a married man with two children. She didn't want to snatch him away. It was simply business. She wanted a sex hunk on legs and she got Ewan."

Source: Press Release