Date: 30th January 2003

Crowe Snubs BAFTA's

An invite may well be in the mail but Russell Crowe is definitely not going to the BAFTA awards in London next month.

Earlier reports this week, including one in Confidential on Monday, suggested the actor would be invited back despite last year's ugly confrontation with TV producer Malcolm Gerrie, who angered Crowe by cutting short his Best Actor acceptance speech during the telecast.

Gerrie will again be calling the shots in the control room, but the word was the big fella would be allowed to say whatever he goddamn pleases.

But it's all academic 'cos the box office brute ain't going to old London town.

He has a sumptuous wedding bash to plan with fiancee Danielle Spencer.

"I am flattered to hear of the invitation to attend BAFTA through the press," Crowe said yesterday.

"Unfortunately I have a prior engagement, so to speak.

Danielle and I have a lot of things to do at the moment and that is all we are focussing on what a bride needs and where she needs to be."

But he will be watching one category with interest.

The Best Actress race will be the one to watch," he said.

It will be a close decision.

"Nearly all of my favourite actresses have been nominated at the same time."

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release