Date: 14th January 2003

Nicole Kidman Gets Star On Walk Of Fame

NICOLE Kidman has cemented her place in Hollywood history - literally.

In front of hundreds of screaming fans, including many Australian tourists waving Aussie flags, Kidman was honoured with a star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame today.

"Thank you everybody for showing up, I didn't think anybody would turn up," Kidman told the crowd.

"As a kid growing up in Sydney, Australia, it is amazing to stand here and become a part of a Hollywood tradition."

Hollywood Mayor Johnny Grant also proclaimed the week to be officially named Nicole Kidman Week.

Kidman is the favourite for the best actress award at next Monday's (AEDT) Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills for her role as troubled author Virginia Woolf in the drama The Hours.

Kidman, who split with husband Tom Cruise two years ago, said she would once again be "dateless" for the Globes, although she will not be alone on the red carpet.

Her sister Antonia and brother-in-law Angus Hawley are flying in from Sydney to accompany her to the awards and Aussie heart-throb Heath Ledger will also be tagging along.

Kidman said Ledger's girlfriend and her best friend Naomi Watts could not make it to the Globes, so Kidman had invited Ledger to join her.

"I have no date again," she said at today's star ceremony.

"But I have my sister and brother-in-law and Heath Ledger is coming as well because my girlfriend, Naomi, is making a movie so it was like, alright Heath c'mon, we'll go together."

Kidman's children, Isabella and Connor, were "desperate" to go to the awards, but Kidman said they would watch the ceremony at home because she did not like parading them in front of the world's cameras.

Kidman's star has a prime position on the Walk of Fame, directly outside the entrance to the home of the Academy Awards, the Kodak Theatre.

Her star is next to director Steven Spielberg's, who was honoured in a similar ceremony last week.

"I just think it is so cool that I'm next to Steven Spielberg," Kidman said.

"He's a Hollywood legend."

Kidman became the 2,211th star honoured on the Walk of Fame.

The only trouble Kidman encountered today was dealing with a wall of screaming photographers as she posed on her knees in front of her star.

Some photographers yelled out for Kidman to bend down closer to the star.

"I can't. My cleavage!" the Aussie actress responded.


Source: Press Release