Date: 23rd December 2002

Reese Witherspoon finds new film easy to relate to

Reese Witherspoon says she was drawn to her latest movie because it's so like her own life.

Witherspoon stars in Sweet Home Alabama (2002), which is released in the UK.

She says playing the role of a successful woman returning to the small town where she grew up was something she could relate to.

"I like the idea that it mirrored my own life in the sense that I moved away to the big city trying to make it, in a completely different industry of course," Witherspoon says.

"Then having to go back home, and seeing how other people perceived her success and how she perceived them because of her success, that was really interesting to me."

Witherspoon admits despite appearances, she's not much of a movie star at home: "There's not a day that I go to my daughter's school when I haven't spilled coffee down my front".

"I've been clumsy on a film set more times than I can count. It's really embarrassing because, without fail, I will always walk past my mark," she says.

"I'm getting better now that they put down big bags on the floor, so my feet hit them and I kind of lurch forward, and you'll see me stop suddenly. I like to think it's because I'm very focused."

Source: Press Release