Date: 28th August 2000

Posh 'N' Becks Bust Up

Celebrity golden couple DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM have had their first major fight - over POSH SPICE's burning pop ambition.

The famous pair are known for having the 'happiest marriage in showbiz', but according to British newspaper THE PEOPLE, MANCHESTER UNITED ace David is fed up with his wife putting her bid for fame over her family commitments.

Reports say that Victoria's desperate promotion of her first solo single OUT OF YOUR MIND, which took her across more than 12,874 kilometres (8,000 miles) and 70 interviews in Britain alone, has caused friction in the marriage.

A close friend says, "Becks feels she should have spent more time with him and BROOKLYN.

This is the first time they have had a major set-to. Things did get a bit nasty and right now there isn't a lot of communication going on, which is unusual for a pair who normally speak on the phone all the time when they are apart."

And the situation was not helped by the fact that despite all Victoria's work, her single was beaten to No 1 by SPILLER's GROOVEJET.

The friend explains, "
Victoria was angry her efforts hadn't given her the result and David was beginning to question if it had been worth it."


Source: WENN