Date: 28th November 2002

Bloom becomes 'Action Elf' in new Lord Of The Rings film

Orlando Bloom says Lord Of The Rings fans will see him become "Action Elf" in the new film.

Bloom plays Legolas in The Two Towers.

He says Legolas's storyline meant he got to do a lot more stuntwork for the film.

"There's a sequence where I slide down these stairs on a shield," he tells the new edition of Arena magazine.

"They wired me up and I'm firing arrows as I slide down. I had a shield strapped to my feet and I had to kick it off at the bottom and leap into action."

Bloom paid tribute to the film's director, Peter Jackson, saying he's "baffled by what Peter has achieved".

"The fact that he didn't lose his mind is unbelievable. And he's still working on it. I've been off the film for nearly two years and Peter is still in the cutting room".

The Two Towers is released in the UK on December 18.

Source: Press Release