Date: 14th November 2002

Spider-Man creator sues comic book giant for royalties

Spider-Man creator Stan Lee is suing comic book publishers Marvel Entertainment for 6.5 million.

He claims the company has cheated him out of "jackpot" film profits.

The 80-year-old cartoonist is demanding 10% of takings from movies about his characters.

The Spider-Man film is expected to make 535 million this year, but Mr Lee has not seen a penny, alleges the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court.

"Despite reaping enormous benefits from Mr Lee's creations, defendants have failed and refused to honour their commitments to him," it claims.

The lawsuit demands damages and a court order forcing Marvel to turn over his share in any profits from movies about characters he created.

Mr Lee started at the publisher in 1939, aged 17, and worked his way up from errand boy to art director and publisher, where he also created the Incredible Hulk, the X-men and Daredevil.

He is seeking a share of profits from the forthcoming movie The Hulk, and sequels to the X-Men and Spider-Man.

The cartoonist also hopes a judge will intervene to ensure he gets a percentage of takings from the Ben Affleck movie Daredevil, scheduled for release next February.

Source: Press Release



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