Date: 13th November 2002

Halle Berry To Get Own Bond Series

Makers of the latest Bond film Die Another Day (2002) have been so impressed by Halle Berry's performance that they are considering producing the first 007 spin-off movie series.

If it goes ahead it would make it the first Bond spin-off in the 40 year history of the franchise. Berry said in a recent interview, "If Jinx could stay just as she is and evolve even further, and if they would put the love and care that they put into James Bond, I'd absolutely do it in a heartbeat."

She adds, Jinx is sexy, she is sure of her sexuality and how to use it, almost as a weapon. She is very intelligent. She is Bond's equal. She saves him a few times in the movie, and they have a great partnership."

In Die Another Day (2002) Berry plays Jinx, a US agent who works with Bond to catch the villain. The film is released in the UK and US next week.

Source: Press Release