Date: 31st October 2002

Mark Wahlberg Forced To Lose Weight

To fit into his next film role Mark Wahlberg has been forced to shed over three stones.

He will star as Charlie Croker in the remake of the Italian Job, The (1969). In the role originally played by Michael Caine he will lead a gang in a heist and try to steal gold bullion and escape in Mini Coopers.

In an interview on Britain's Radio 1 he told of how he had to put weight on for his role in Pride and Glory which was later shelved, "Putting on the weight was fun for the first two weeks but then you have to wake up at two in the morning and eat two burgers and go back to bed.

And at seven in the morning - eating a stack of pancakes. You still haven't even swallowed your last meal, and you're having to sit down for another one.

So that wasn't fun, and then after finding out that it wasn't going to happen, it was a little upsetting."

Source: Press Release