Date: 31st October 2002

Winona In Courthouse Drama

Winona Ryder was in court yesterday for the third day of her much hyped shoplifting trial. Staff from the Beverly Hills store from which Winona is alleged to have taken goods without paying, gave evidence on their view of events.

Colleen Rainey told the court how she had seen through the slats of the dressing room door as the Lost Souls (2000) star cut off sensor tags from two handbags. She was reported to wrap up clothes and accessories in tissue paper and stuff them into a shopping bag.

In a cross-examination by Ryder's attorney Mark Geragos on Kenneth Evans who worked as a security guard in the store, Geragos noticed some photos in Evan's file and asked if they had been shown to the court to which Evans replied 'no'. He was also asked if the actress had been searched in the security room, and to Ryder's amazement replied 'Not in my presence'.

Source: Press Release



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