Date: 30th October 2002

Ian McKellen would be interested in making The Hobbit

Sir Ian McKellen has said he would be interested in playing Gandalf again if Peter Jackson were to make The Hobbit.

McKellen recently asked about the film rights to JRR Tolkein's novel, which he says are controlled by Jackson.

He says he would be "intrigued" to return to Middle Earth.

Speaking on his official website,, he says: "I thought it might be possible to make a really long screen version, probably for television, with every episode of the book covered week by week in a multitude of episodes.

But McKellen admits he doesn't think Ian Holm should portray Bilbo if they were to make the film: "
Even he might think the young Bilbo of The Hobbit was unlikely casting for an actor of his age".

Source: Press Release



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