Date: 10th October 2002

Robbie and Kylie to star in Magic Roundabout movie

Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue are to head an all-star cast for a big screen version of children's favourite The Magic Roundabout.

Williams is to play world-weary Dougal The Dog while Minogue will voice prim Florence.

The animated movie, which went into production last month, will take around 18 months to bring to life and should be released in 2004.

Joanna Lumley has landed the role of Ermintrude the cow, while Oscar winner Jim Broadbent will play the well-loved Brian the snail.

Richard O'Brien, creator of the Rocky Horror Show, will be the bizarre spring-propelled Zebedee, known for his catchphrase "time for bed".

The tea-time slot meant Zebedee sent a nation of children off to their rooms for the evening.

Tom Baker - known to a generation for playing the fourth Doctor Who - is to play ZeeBadee, while screen hardman Ray Winstone will play Soldier Sam, both of which are new characters.

The actor set to play Dylan the spaced-out rabbit will be unveiled at a later date.

The characters will be computer generated for the new movie which is being directed by Dave Borthwick.

Source: Press Release



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