Date: 26th September 2000

Daryl Hannah's Stagefright Gets The Better Of Her

Gorgeous DARYL HANNAH is petrified of performing in THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH in London's West End - because she might forget her words.

The sexy SPLASH star makes her stage debut in the production, playing the role made famous by MARILYN MONROE, and slammed rumours that she would strip on stage as "a cheap and cheesy way to sell tickets".

But even though she'll be keeping her clothes on, the stunner still feels she'll be exposed in front of a real audience. She says, "Being in front of an audience for the first time will be the scariest thing. I just hope I get through it and don't embarrass anybody. "I missed a whole section of the script in the run-through. What if that happens in a performance? What if I freeze or panic?"

The BLADE RUNNER actress has been prescribing herself with the herbal supplement ginkgo biloba to improve her memory - but she keeps forgetting to take it. And as the big opening draws closer, the actress finds her nerves taking over. She says, "
It's the second day I've been ill in a fortnight. All I've eaten today is a banana, and I couldn't even keep that down!"


Source: WENN