Date: 24th September 2002

Nick Nolte In Rehab Clinic

After the news that Nick Nolte was arrested after swerving across the road in Malibu it now emerges that he has been admitted into a substance abuse and psychiatric centre in Conneticut.

The Cape Fear (1991) star was stopped by a police officer and given a blood test, and then taken into custody after failing to complete a breath test and later released on bail.

The police are saying that there is a strong possibility that Nolte had also taken drugs when he was arrested. He has battled with a drink problem for many years and was said to have given it up and turned to health and fitness instead.

Nolte is set to appear in a big screen version of the Incredible Hulk, (Hulk, The (2003)) next year and has recently been promoting his latest film The Good Thief.

Source: Press Release