Date: 19th September 2002

Tom Hanks quits directing

Tom Hanks has announced he is giving up directing films.

He says he would rather leave the job to Steven Spielberg after trying his hand at directing several films.

The actor's latest movie Road to Perdition, The (2001) opens in the UK on September 27.

"It takes a substantial amount out of you. I'm still in my child rearing years and I'd like to be around a little bit more - not only physically but also mentally for my family. If you're directing a movie, you're never there."

"You're always thinking about what you've got to do. As soon as you say you're gonna direct a motion picture the risks just keep piling up. It just goes on and on and on and never lets up until the movie comes out. The stuff of your worst nightmares, you know."

Source: Press Release