Date: 18th September 2002

Jolie Has Voight Removed

She's known to millions as Angelina Jolie but her real name is (or rather was) Angelina Jolie Voight. She can now be known officially as just Angelina Jolie after a Los Angeles County judge granted a petition by the actress to drop the 'Voight' part of her name.

It is common knowledge that Angelina and her father don't see eye-to-eye and this was made even more public when a tearful Jon Voight appeared on Access Hollywood and claimed that Angelina carries a lot of pain and how he has been trying to reach her and get her help.

Voight blames his daughter's estrangement on the fact that he had an affair and walked out on the family when she was one year old.

Jolie is also petitioning to change the name of the child which she recently adopted in Cambodia. Originally named as Rath Vibol, she wants him now to be called Maddox Chivan Thornton Jolie.

Source: Press Release



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