Date: 26th September 2000

Johnny Depp Writes To Charles Manson

Hollywood star JOHNNY DEPP has been forced to write a begging letter to imprisoned murderer CHARLES MANSON - in order to set up a meeting and research his latest project.

The EDWARD SCISSORHANDS star is to play the infamous killer and tell the story of his murderous exploits in his latest movie, which Hollywood insiders claim is set to stir up controversy.

Depp is insisting he set up a meeting with Manson, 64, in CORCORAN STATE PRISON, California where the convicted killer is serving a life sentence. But, in order to get the interview, Depp has been forced to pen a begging letter to Manson urging him to meet up with the star for research purposes.

A spokesman at the Prison says, "It is totally up to Manson whether or not Johnny Depp gets the visit he wants. "Mr Depp will have written directly to Manson and if he wants the meeting to take place, he will send a visitor's pass and Mr Depp can come in here. "It is possible he will say 'yes', although he doesn't have a lot of visitors. Like I say, it is up to him."

Depp says, "I just want to get to know him better."


Source: WENN