Date: 15th August 2002

Al Pacino In Premiere Problem

Al Pacino was in Los Angeles on Tuesday to promote his new film Simone (2001). All did not go to plan though when his limousine broke down.

He was then left with the prospect of turning up for the film premiere in the back of a taxi, with him was his 12 year old daughter Julie. When he emerged to star was philosophical and commented, "My limo just conked out. It just stopped in Santa Monica. Those things happen to me all the time."

Seeing Pacino turn up in a cab wasn't the only surprise for the fans however, he had died his hair blond. "They dyed my hair grey for a part I was playing. They actually bleached it and when it hits the sun it just goes blond. I actually like it."

Simone (2001), in which Pacino plays a film producer that creates a digital actress to replace the real one, is released next week.

Source: Press Release