Date: 28th August 2000

Lopez: Puffy Has Banned My Screen Love Scenes

Sexy JENNIFER LOPEZ will turn down movie scripts with love scenes in them because boyfriend SEAN PUFFY COMBS hates seeing her kiss on screen. THE CELL actress is fighting back though, and has told the rapper there are to be no more scantily clad women hanging off him in is his music videos.

She explains, "He always asks if there are any sex scenes or kissing in the script. He hates it - and doesn't want me doing any. "I can understand his attitude. All Sean is doing is letting me know he cares. And when it comes to him filming his videos then I care too. "I don't want to see beautiful women hanging around his neck or kissing him. We try to be adult about the whole thing. There's nothing wrong with jealousy though. It's natural."


Source: WENN



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