Date: 20th June 2002

Spielberg Looking For More challenging Films

Steven Spielberg's most famous films are the rollicking, action-packed adventures like the Indiana Jones trilogy, Jurassic Park (1993) and Jaws (1975). However, like any artist, Spielberg needs fresh challenges, but this gets him in trouble with his kids. 'I've been offered all the movies that have been hits the last couple of years,' says Spielberg. 'I'm like the first person they bring Harry Potter to. They brought Spider-Man (2002) to me. I love Harry Potter, my kids are mad at me for passing. I love Spider-Man (2002), my kids are mad at me for passing there. Those two films would not have been a challenge for me.' He now limits his choices to projects that grab him personally. 'It's always fun to see those huge grosses come in, but it's not creatively stimulating to me any more. Right now, I'm just trying to find things that really make me excited, not necessarily the things that make kids excited,' he added. That's the kind of thing you can say when your personal wealth is estimated at over $2 billion.

Source: Press Release