Date: 22nd May 2002

All Not Well With Gangs Of New York

Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz tried desperately to persuade journalists at Cannes on Monday that all was well with the film The Gangs of New York. Which we all know is not the case thanks to leaked stories of heated arguments between Leo and co-star Daniel Day-Lewis, and between director Martin Scorsese and everyone. Cue Cameron and Leo getting into some drastic PR air brushing at a press conference.
Cameron Diaz seemed to employ some very odd tactics in dealing with the press, though - when she was asked about the stories of on-set arguing, she bizarrely claimed not to understand the journalist, asking him if he was speaking English (he was the very English Richard Brooks from the Sunday Times, no less). DiCaprio squirmed in his seat next to her.

Source: Press Release



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