Date: 25th September 2000

Law And McGregor Send Kids To Special School

Film stars JUDE LAW and EWAN MCGREGOR are sending their children to a special film school - because they don't want their kids to watch commercial movies.

The local pair send their three children to the KIDS CLUB at the EVERYMAN THEATRE, HAMPSTEAD - which shows more educational films like THE SECRET GARDEN, not flicks like POKEMON.

Educational workshops follow the screenings, where stars and movie moguls talk about an aspect of the film business. Both Law, his pregnant wife SADIE FROST, and STAR WARS actor McGregor will speak at these mornings as well as ENGLISH PATIENT director ANTHONY MINGELLA, EMMA THOMPSON and ONE NIGHT STAND director MIKE FIGGIS.

Director of the Everyman Theatre RICHARD NYMAN says, "There is a big lull in the market people aren't being offered an alternative to commercial movies, so we've lined up educational movies - something to stimulate their interest not just to be forgotten about in ten minutes.

Jude and Ewan really wanted to get involved in this as it's something they believe in. "
There has been wonderful British film industry support for this and when Ewan and Jude came no-one really noticed they were there, as they were just another pair of parents. Nyman adds, "At some stage Ewan is going to do a workshop as is Jude, it's something they've specifically asked to do."


Source: WENN



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